1. irritated, annoyed, vexed, peeved, nettled, chafed, Chiefly U.S. riled, Inf. aggravated, Inf. miffed, Sl. bugged; ruffled, roiled, disturbed, perturbed, disquieted, discomposed, put out; bothered, pestered, harassed, fretful, troubled, plagued, beset; tormented, teased, taunted, tweaked, bullied; exasperated, fed up, sick and tired.
2. angry, angered, irate, incensed, Inf. mad, Inf. sore, Sl. hot, Sl. hot under the collar, Sl. ticked-off, Sl. teed-off; furious, infuriated, enraged, maddened, livid, hopping mad, Inf. boiling mad, Sl. mad as a wet hen, Sl. madder than hell; galled, embittered, exacerbated, acerbate, envenomed, rankled.
3. offended, affronted, insulted; humiliated, mortified; (all of feelings, pride, etc.) hurt, molested, wounded, stung, pained.
4.(all of the interest, curiosity, etc.) excited, aroused, roused, stimulated, stirred, pricked.
5. provoked, agitated, inflamed, enflamed, fired-up, worked-up, stirred-up, whipped-up, wound-up.

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